Mission Statement

Our mission is to advocate for the citizens of Coaldale by creating awareness and demanding responsible transparent governance supported by constructive dialogue and open communication between our town council and residents.



Petition for a Municipal Inspection

Our petition has concluded and has been sent off to Alberta Municipal Affairs. We needed 20% of the population of Coaldale and far exceeded that. With your help we collected 2334 signatures! That is more people than voted in Coaldale's 2017 Municipal Election, which is quite a milestone. For the purposes of the petition to meet legal requirements we required 1738 signatures. We hope Mayor & Council realize the citizens of Coaldale want more transparency, input, and accountability regarding multi-million dollar projects.

It is your turn to be heard

We have put together a brief survey to see where YOU think The Town of Coaldale should be putting their priorities and how they should be spending your hard earned tax dollars on projects.

Thank you for everyone who took the time to complete the survey and share what is important to you. 

Coaldale Census 2019

Current Population
kids ages0 0-14

Who is running the town?

The Town of Coaldale is run by the Mayor and 6 Councillors. They provide direction to the CAO to implement their vision. In addition there are several Directors that oversee various departments. Click on their links to learn more.

Have you ever wanted to contact them? At the last council meeting before the summer break one of the Councillors commented that it would be nice if citizens knew how to contact them.  Many people don't realize that you can reach out to the Councillors online. If you have questions or concerns it is important to let the town know. This is one tool that you can use.

Use the link below to be redirected in a new tab to their contact a Councillor form on the Town of Coaldale's website.

Kim Craig was first elected to Council in 2004 and was first elected as Mayor in 2007.
Mayor & Council Contact Form

Does the Citizens for a Better Coaldale group represent how you feel about our town?

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