About Citizens for a Better Coaldale

We are a group of residents that believes the foundation of a vibrant and prosperous Coaldale is transparent governance supported by ongoing constructive dialogue between Coaldale Town Council and its residents.

We advocate for meaningful public engagement especially for major capital projects that should be influenced by community consultation and input.

We are concerned about future taxation, town management, town council decision making, major capital projects, treatment of town employees, public communication and engagement.

Adam Parker


I was raised in Coaldale until my late teens and have fond memories of the community; kids playing street hockey, visiting our local Birds of Prey Centre and attending Kinsmen family functions with my parents. I moved back to Coaldale in 2007 and I have always valued getting involved in my community, which eventually led me to joining the Coaldale Kinsmen Club in 2015. I have also been on the Centennial Committee, Recreation Planning Committee and the Town of Coaldale Planning Committee.

Currently, I am business minded individual who believes in transparency on all levels of community engagement and interactions. I love to learn by talking with others about new and innovative ideas that can contribute to a prosperous community and hope I can continue to contribute to the town of Coaldale.

Liz Allen


I have lived in northwest Coaldale for over 40 years and watched my children grow up participating in a variety of local sports and attending Coaldale schools. 

I would like to see our town prosper while maintaining the small town quality of life that all of us appreciate about living in Coaldale.

Living nearby the Birds of Prey Centre, I have watched it grow from a small backyard operation to a facility that is admired and envied by communities throughout Canada and North America.  

Politically I would like to see the decisions of mayor and council influenced by healthy ongoing public engagement while heeding the advice of professional planners.  

Kris Mikado


My name is Kristopher Mikado. I have lived in Coaldale my entire life and decided to buy a house here as

I have been involved with the Kinsmen Club of Coaldale for a few years and have helped with the various undertakings that they do like the annual Carnage in Coaldale Demolition Derby and Kinsmen Harley Raffle.

I was also employed by the Town of Coaldale for 9 years in the facility maintenance department. I took an incredible amount of pride making sure all of the town facilities were running and looking proper for the people that wanted to use them. However, unexpectedly at the start of covid-19 I was told the needs of the town do not require a maintenance department anymore.

I love this town and all I want to do is to be able to see it thrive. Unfortunately, as someone that worked for the organization and am a tax payer myself I do not feel the priorities of this towns administration and council favour the community I grew up in.

I think Coaldale deserves better. I think the citizens in this town deserve better.

Clive Schaupmeyer


I have lived in small towns in southern Alberta for 52 years and in Coaldale for the past 21 years. Coaldale is a nice, quiet town with good parks and walking paths and other amenities. I’ve always volunteered or been active in community organizations. I took photos of parade participants at the Night of Lights Parade for a few years, held two fundraising photography shows at the Coaldale Public Library and have helped the Birds of Prey on occasion. I am a life member of Trout Unlimited Canada and avid photographer.

My interests in federal, provincial and local affairs are that policies and decisions should be based on facts, science, practicality, economics, common sense and their potential for positive outcomes and consequences. Nobel Laureate, MiltonFreedman, said, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” Recent decisions in Coaldale have lacked proper analyses, not well thought out and the public has not had the opportunity for input into major future developments.