Coaldale Civic Square – What are the land acquisition costs?

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Please take a moment to watch what has been going on behind the backs of Coaldale Taxpayers.
$2,130,599.00 in land purchases for the Civic Sq. project and they are not done. The Town of Coaldale still requires 3 more parcels of land, including the ‘Westland Insurance’ property to make up the original design footprint.

View the Land Titles records for yourself on our website at

View our land titles video here:

This the biggest project for Coaldale’s main street in our 100-year history.
This project should meet the requirements for extensive public engagement. This has not taken place and people have many unanswered questions. For such a major project why wasn’t the public involved early on, and why didn’t the Town bring in a professional consultant to guide a public input process before the project even got started?

Residents of Coaldale, we need your help with our Municipal Inspection request! PLEASE: Share! Share! Share! Click the link to send a pre-written email to Mayor and Council showing your support for the municipal inspection.

By inputting your name and address to the attached EMAIL form letter, that will be sent to Coaldale Town Council, you will be supporting our request for the inspection, along with all the benefits that will help our community. We ask your help to make this happen. Letters need to be submitted by Tuesday, October 6, 2020, and helping is easy.