Other Concerns

Over the years, numerous concerns have been expressed by Coaldale residents.

Concerns from Coaldale Residents

  • Big capital projects with poor or no public engagement
  • Property taxes are way too high for our small town
  • Public concerns being ignored by town council & admin.
  • Perceived threatening conduct by Town admin
  • Numerous closed-door town council decision meetings
  • Civic Square project, secrecy, poor communication
  • Possible mistreatment of town employees
  • Town is being run like a private business. No public input!
  • Some roads in town are long overdo for repair or resurfacing

Here are a Few Examples

  • Multi-million dollar civic square project, poor public consultation and possible councillor conflict of interest
  • Town locating proposed high school/rec centre in a location opposed by planners & residents
  • Proposed Asphalt Plant (2018), strongly opposed by Coaldale residents, but still approved
  • Poor handling of West Nile Virus outbreak by town
  • Numerous town employee terminations, resignations, severance payouts & wrongful dismissal claims

Questions Coaldale Residents are Asking

New Town Office/Civic Square

Does Coaldale more urgently need a new multi-million dollar main street town office compared to a new pool or second sheet of ice? Why hasn't this been discussed in open town council meetings with public feedback before being approved?

A Very Old Swimming Pool (Built 1974)

Results of a past survey indicated town residents wanted a new swimming pool and a second sheet of ice. So why is the town building a new town office and a rec centre but without a pool?

Poor Public Engagement & Communications

Why isn't greater public input being sought before major projects are approved by the Town? Why do many residents feel the Town has no interest in their concerns, feeling brushed aside, misled and deceived by the Town?

Proposed High School and Recreation Centre

Why isn't the new recreation centre being located closer to where most residents, and especially children can safely walk to, instead of having to cross Hwy 3? How much could it cost to operate annually? Why can't the rec centre's main feature include a pool as residents preferred?

Mis-treatment of Town Employees?

Why is our town's employee turnover so high? Why are there claims of mistreatment? How much has been paid for severance payouts or wrongful dismissal suits? Why are so many non-disclosure agreements being signed by departing town staff? Why hasn't town council addressed these issues?

My Property Taxes are Too High

Why can't our property taxes be lower? Are big property tax increases coming in 2022 and beyond to fund all these major municipal projects? Where is the money coming from?