Town Staff Treatment

Why is our Town's employee turnover so high?

Staff turnover at the Town of Coaldale has been high in recent years. Some employees have had long term positions eliminated due to restructuring, outsourcing and being pushed out. The Town recently went as far as to eliminate the entire maintenance department. Many are concerned that moves like this are reckless and could potentially allow for dangerous situations from improper maintenance due to contractors not being aware of our systems.

Many former employees spoke to us of mistreatment, acts of bullying against them, threatening behavior if they try to negotiate a fair severance package for their dismissal, and more. When asked why they haven't filed complaints against the town, the answer is often due to fear. They feel threatened and fear retaliation. We have heard from some that have said 'they loved working for the town but felt like victims of mental abuse.'

  • So why is our Town's employee turnover so high?
  • Why are there claims of mistreatment.
  • How much has been paid out in severance or wrongful dismissal suits?
  • Why are so many non-disclosure agreements being signed by departing town staff?

This video  might help answer the question as one former Town Staff member, Kris Mikado, shares his story with Coaldale residents.

The letter campaign, Kris speaks about which encouraged people to sign letters asking Council to support a Municipal Inspection has passed. Despite roughly 350 letters sent to council in a little over a week, Council chose to reject this request.

Now we have to take the route of using a petition to get a Municipal Inspection. This is not the same as the previous online letter campaign, so if you signed that, be sure to also sign the petition. The petition is only available on paper and can be signed at one of our public signing events or we can come to you.

We need 20% of the Coaldale population to sign the petition, approximately 1850 residents so please encourage each adult Coaldale resident in your house to sign.